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This is the page where I'll describe myself in more detail.

Just Stop a minute and  think about your life.  You're probably one of those people who try to do as much as you can within a day.  And that's how you live your life. You get up every morning, go to work(school), come home rest for a while, then do chores around your house.  If you're livin like this, I wouldn't call that livin. 

What I Do.

Now that its summertime and I dont have school any more. I basically do nothing.  I wake up around noon or later, then I watch TV for a couple hours before I go downstairs to go to the bathroom, cuz I'm too lazy to get my ass out of bed, until my dick starts to hurt.  Then I come back upstairs and play video games until my mom gets home from work.  And I ask her to make me something to eat , becuz she knows if she doesn't make something to eat or order delivery, she wont see me anymore, cuz the only time I go downstairs is to eat or go use the bathroom, then its back to videogames, or porno. I stay up for endless hours doing shit like making websites to keep myself occupied, then I usually go to sleep around 5 or 6 a.m.  I basically live in the 3rd Shift life. Cuz Im either at home bummin it, or out partying.  It's the good life.  I'm a Slacker.  And I don't give a fuck!


Taking a break from work
      "I hope no one was planning on eating at that buffet table over yonder

"One Bowl to Stone Them All"

Frodo Baggins.  Is that his real name?  or is it something he calls himself when he's tripping on shrooms.  He may think that he's in a fairy tale, cuz he's puffing the magic Dragon.